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10 Recipes To Cook When It Snows

When it comes to snow days there are 2 things we all want to happen, the first being your house is warm and the second — whatever you are cooking you want it to cook slow and make the house smell amazing. Nothing beats walking in from your adventures in the freshly fallen snow and having whatever has been roasting, simmering or baking hit you right in the face! Here are 10 recipes that will certainly make that happen. So kick off those boots, light a fire and let's fill the house with all the smells!
  1. A three herb roasted chicken — comfort food at it's best, and it may even take you back to grandma's house for Sunday supper.
  2. Just enough spice to keep you warm in this slow simmering Milton's Local chipotle and cilantro bacon sausage gumbo!
  3. Waking up to loaded mashed potato waffles is almost as good as waking up to the year's first blanket of snow. Am I right?
  4. Don't care for snow? Fa-get about it and make cheesy baked meatballs!
  5. Not just meatloaf — old school meatloaf !
  6. Cabbage is in season and perfect for stuffed cabbage roll soup.
  7. In all of it's vegan and gluten-free glory, I present — kabocha two bean chili.
  8. So easy to make at home! Grab ahold of the bun, elbows out, and dig in to homemade sloppy Joe's!
  9. Barbacoa is typically cooked over an open fire, but not everyone has a fire pit as an option. This barbacoa recipe is made in a crock pot, cooks all day and no one will no the difference!
  10. I do not believe there is a better scent combination than curry with coconut milk and this Thai curry vegetable soup will certainly fill the house with amazing aromas!

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