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What's Been Cooking in the E.A.T. Kitchen

Well, it looks as if spring is finally upon us. I can always tell when the true transition starts to take place as the the birds outside my bedroom window begin to make an excited fuss beginning at 4:30 am — and this time of year, I welcome those sounds with open arms! That same spring transition has been taking shape in the E.A.T. kitchen as early spring ingredients begin to make an appearance. 

For the Cajun Shrimp and Grits pictured above, I was looking forward to using Hayden Flour Mills polenta, which I was excited to find on a recent stop-in at Harvest Grocery and Supply. The polenta was creamy and the sauce had just the right kick — find the full recipe recently published over on Lot18.

Next up, one of my favorite signs of spring — fresh early peas. In the recipe below, I kinda sorta deconstructed a pasta carbonara by crisping up ribbons of prosciutto and topping the dish with a perfectly poached egg, from which the yolk can be broken and incorporated into the sauce. Find the full recipe newly published over on Lot18.

Finally, a comforting pot roast is good just about any Sunday in my book, especially when utilizing local ingredients like grass-fed beef from Wolf Creek Farm and mushrooms from Sharondale Farm, both of which helped me create this home-cooked pot roast with a vermouth mushroom gravy. Find the full recipe newly published over on Relay Foods.

Having just gotten back from 2 weeks of travel I am excited to settle back in the kitchen, start planting some spring herbs in our small city garden and enjoying everything this season has to offer. What about you — are there certain indicators or ingredients that beckon spring in your book?

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  1. This all looks amazing :) good job!! I will try my hands at these, thanks!


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