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Feasting On Friday

Hi there! I'm back again today, rounding up all the best morsels and such I crossed paths with this week.

- A Tumblr to follow: Real Men Cook

- Just can't get enough bear cam.

-Excited to attend the Richmond Food Co-op's 2nd annual picnic. In #rva feel free to join me! Also, we have a campaign going on indiegogo if you are feeling generous!

- I think I laughed for 5 minutes at this yesterday.

- I could not imagine having to do this 70 years ago today. I am certainly thankful to those that did.

- It is National Doughnut Day and I could not resist.

- This chicken black bean taco bake looks so good!

- Have you entered for the two giveaways I have on the site? An opportunity to make your own beer ends this weekend. And who couldn't use 5 jars of salsa?

- We also have a giveaway over on 17Apart ending in a few days. Enter now for your chance to win a 5-piece bundle of Mrs. Meyers cleaning products.

- And finally, turn that wine crate into a charging station for all of your electronics.

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well

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