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Soft Boiled Farm Eggs with Toast

I love a soft boiled egg. That said, where are they in America? Travel to Europe and almost every breakfast I have ever sat down to eat offered a soft boiled egg. You can order it off the menu and if there is a continental style breakfast, a steamer full of these are almost always offered. Light, airy toasted bread for dipping into the warm runny yolk — yes, that is breakfast.

After a recent trip to NYC and namely, Marlow and Sons, there they were and on the brunch menu — 2 beautiful soft boiled eggs with toast and a little dish of Fleur de sel for 8 dollars. That's a bargain in my book. 

Since brunch, I traveled home determined to have a soft boiled egg or two at least once a week. What's great about this breakfast is just how simple it can be to put together. Buttering and toasting some good bread and steaming eggs for exactly 7 minutes before cracking off the caps, I now sit down and enjoy soft boiled eggs:

Ah, perfection!

What's your take — am I just not looking at the right menu or are these typically available just by asking? I am now on a mission to ask every time I find myself out for breakfast.

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well

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  1. I love soft boiled eggs. My grandmother always used to make them for me. Having said that, I never can find them on any American menus. If I want a soft boiled egg, I usually have to make it myself.


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