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New to RVA: Harvest Grocery & Supply

There is a new grocery in town and its name defines more than just a grocery. Harvest Grocery and Supply is the latest local neighborhood grocery to open. Northside has Little House Green Grocery, and Churchill recently added Union Market — each with their own unique character, clientele and spin on what a neighborhood grocery should be. 

Hunter Hopcroft, owner and visionary of Harvest, has embarked on the grocery business to support not only a neighborhood but all of this river city, filling the shelves with local products from farmers and purveyors that we may already be familiar with. The intent of Hunter's vision is not for customers to do a week's worth of shopping but to have the ability to walk in and supply what you need, knowing that the ingredients you chose for breakfast, lunch or dinner are going to be as local as possible, seasonal and made with minimal processing.

As you step through the door of Harvest, you feel as if you've been transported to the hipper areas in Brooklyn, shopping at the likes of Brooklyn Larder, West Elm Market or The Brooklyn Kitchen.

Then as you start to make your way through this picture perfect space, you see some of your local favorites, Bonneyclabber Cheese and Pickled Silly...

At this point you realize you are not in one of the 5 boroughs of New York — you're actually in good old #RVA standing at 1531 West Main in the Fan.

Michael Pollan has been known to say that you should only shop the perimeter of the grocery and stay out of the middle aisles since that's where all the overly-processed foods are. Harvest is one place that rule need not apply.

A shelf dedicated to food preservation, carrying Weck Jars is a welcome addition along with coffee equipment to help you achieve that perfect pour. 

Harvest Grocery and Supply will be an evolution of sorts. Inventory will certainly change seasonally, over time and with customer feedback. Today, you can walk into Harvest and build yourself an incredible simple meal with the freshest local ingredients tailored to fit any dietary need — something I'm looking forward to doing often.

Stay in touch with Harvest Grocery and Supply through the following social media outlets: Facebook@harvestrvaInstagramTumblr.

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well 

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  1. $ 10 for a goat cheese? It would almost be cheaper to travel to Provence and eat it here....not really of course, but $ 10 ????


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