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E.A.T.: Feasting on Friday

 I'm back again today, rounding up all the best morsels I crossed paths with this week.

Tumblr to follow: Bourbon and Pearls

- There is a new grocery in town, Harvest Grocery and Supply. More to come next week on this local gem, but stop on by their newly opened location on Main in the Fan for beautiful groceries and supplies.

- Curious about what it's like to be a freelancer? While still a lifestyle change that's new to me, I enjoyed reading and can relate to much of this take on the Pros and Cons of Freelance Life.

- Introducing the Tiny Green Pea.

- Oh yeah,  I got married last June.

- I never listened to this when it first came out but I'm certainly digging this version of No Diggity.

- Does a penguin make a sound if it falls and you are not there to hear it? Myth resolved.

- Lastly, I am loving this new Etsy shop, MD Quality Goods. He also has a killer Instagram.

Have a tasty weekend!

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