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E.A.T.: Feasting on Friday

 I'm back again today, rounding up all the best morsels I crossed paths with this week.

-Tumblr to follow: Basil and Mint Leaves.

-Warning, this is a goose bumps inducing NFL Commercial. Since the Steelers are out, I am pulling for Seattle mainly because of Russell Wilson's ties to #rva! Who are you rooting for?

-Is 2014 the year of the online grocer? I like going to a grocery store but I also like the convenience of shopping online and avoiding the hassle of actually having to walk the store aisles. Have you shopped online for groceries yet?

-If you are in the market for a new dining room table this could fit the bill — and quite a bill it is!

-How to eat a cupcake like a gentleman. I can't believe I've been getting it wrong all these years.

-Hope you aren't, but if you are reading this with the flu, here is what you should be eating. Admission — I have never gotten a flu shot. You?

-Finally, some pretty cool survival tips and tricks — videos from Black Owl Outdoors.

Have a tasty weekend!

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  1. 9ers baby!!

    I used to shop online in England. Tesco was great about that except they would give me the worst produce. So any grocery shopping online will only be non produce items for me.

    Absolutely no flu shots here in my home. I would much rather have the flu and have lifelong immunity than have a shot that is not even guaranteed to be the same strain as what is going around.

    Hope you and Mary have a great weekend!

    1. So with you on the whole flu shot thing. We will probably both get the flu next week haha.... Also, yes that seems to be the consensus there is something about squeezing your own fruit!

    2. Actually, all 3 kids and I had it in early December. It sucked, but now I feel stronger for it :) On that note, I really hope you don't get it! If you do, colloidal silver, elderberry syrup, and lemon mixed with honey and cayenne in warm water are all helpful :)

  2. Russell Wilson all the way!

  3. I was rooting for Seattle, but after that classless rant by Sherman, I'm hoping that Peyton and the Broncos can teach him some humility...

    1. I also am pulling for the Broncos as I am a big Peyton fan. I agree completely that was a senseless rant by Sherman and I do believe Peyton will stick it to him!


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