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E.A.T.: Feasting on Friday

As Mary and I sat down at the end of the year and reviewed our blogs, we wanted to start doing a series of sorts on Fridays. Over on 17 Apart, we have always enjoyed recapping our Weekend Basics on Mondays. My new feature, Feasting on Friday, will be a scrambled egg approach to food related finds with some other things tossed in that I come across.

So here goes with the inaugural post — I hope you will let me know if you find something of interest here on Feasting on Friday!


-Search for restaurants that have been featured on TV shows from the Travel Channel, Food Network, and others. Here are the restaurants that have been featured in Virginia.

-Is Instagram causing you anxiety? Check out, the agony of Instagram. The one guy that causes me angst in a good way is William Hereford, because his photography and subject matter is so damn good!

-Which view is your favorite from Travel + Leisure world's best restaurant views?

-Writer's block? Here are 10 wonderful tips to get those writing juices flowing!

-Everyone needs a kitchen medicine poster.

-It really is ok to play with your food, really.

-Food packaging you can eat? That and other food trends in 2014.

-You want stats — here are 124 fascinating social media statistic and figures from 2013.

-A different look from National Geographic, tips on photographing food

Hoping your weekend is tasty.

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well

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P.S. If you are interested in the new series on 17 Apart its called Fancy That — you can find it here.

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