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Meggyleves: Hungarian Cherry Soup

I have been on a soup kick of late! Namely, Hungarian soups for my series over on Lot18. Several weeks ago I made a spicy cauliflower soup and earlier this week I prepared one of my favorite staple soups that always makes it's way into our kitchen around the holidays — Hungarian cherry soup.

This recipe was my grandmother's and is really quite simple to make — it basically requires heating some cherries and tempering egg yolks and sour cream.

As you can see from the photo above the color of this soup really makes for a festive starter with your holiday meals. It is easy to prepare ahead and can be served warm or cold — my preference is cold. I hope you will try this soup and let me know your preference to serve it. Hot or cold?

Get the full recipe here.

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  1. My grandmother also used to make this soup, especially in the summer, we had about three sour-cherry trees in our garden. I love it and cook it a few times a year. My recipe (my grandmother's) is exactly the same, only I use fresh sour cherries (or frozen ones in the winter) and add a cinnamon stick and about 3 cloves :)


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