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Roasted Eggplant Curry

Who does not have eggplant coming out of their ears this season? This time of year you definitely see an abundance of eggplant in the garden and in your local markets. With that you also see most of the usual suspects in preparing eggplant — from eggplant parmesan, to rollatini and a new favorite I found last year, eggplant gratin

Well I was looking for something 360 degrees from anything traditional and I believe I found it over on the Spicy Tasty food blog. Baingan Bhartha, the traditional name, or roasted eggplant curry packs a punch with a lot of Indian spice that you would expect.

I was actually working on two different eggplant recipes at the same time so I went ahead and roasted the regular bell eggplant and also a couple of Japanese eggplants (post on those to come).

I learned a new cooking trick while trying out this recipe — roasting a whole eggplant in the oven at 400 degrees causes the inside of the eggplant to cook while shriveling the skin. Once removed from the oven and allowed to cool, the skin peels right off!

If there was one thing I would do differently from the original recipe, I would have figured a way to cook all of the ingredients in one pan as opposed to cooking the peppers and tomato separate from the onions — there's always next time.

Once everything is incorporated it might not make for the most eye appealing dish, but flavor is key and something this spread packs! Served warm on a piece of Naan bread this will make for the perfect appetizer.

Head on over to Spicy Tasty for the full recipe which is sure to be a crowd pleaser!  


  1. Okay, it doesn't look amazing, but it sounds amazing!! :)

  2. Made this for dinner tonight it was so quick and easy, we just ate it with pitas. I had never roasted an eggplant completely whole like that and will do it again! It too pained me to dirty two pans. I didn't have any green peppers so the fried tomatoes I pushed through a sieve into the eggplants to get out all the seeds and skin which I thought was a worthwhile step. Thanks for the idea, it made me try something different with my favourite veggie.

    1. This is why I enjoy writing this blog! So happy to have introduced you to something new and different! So happy you enjoyed it!


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