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Back To School Throwback Lunches: Pimento Cheese Sandwich

This week I'm kicking off a series all about back to school lunches. Not just any lunches — lunches my mom made for me when I was going to school back in the 70's. Of course I got your standard fare from straight peanut butter and jelly to a ham a cheese, but more times than not, mom was always trying to be creative and not bore me day after day with the same old thing.

Monday I shared the story behind the good old classic cream cheese & olive sandwich. We toned it down for Tuesday and did the more popular peanut butter & banana sandwich. Wednesday was mom's kick-butt tuna fish sandwich.

If you grew up in the South, I would dare say you at some point in your life have tried pimento cheese. The pimento cheese sandwich did not make a weekly rotation in my brown bag, but I did get surprised with it maybe twice each month.

In true fashion, mom did not buy the pimento cheese — she made it from scratch. You might remember the homemade version I made here on the blog in the past. The fresh cheddar and creaminess of the cream cheese really makes a great lunchtime meal.

In the Little Debbie department, the swiss roll makes an appearance. I could never take one of those rolls off the little white package they were laying on without ripping all the outer chocolate shell off the roll. Inevitably, you would pick that cardboard up and just lick the chocolate off.

Friday's lunch is one that Mary has been waiting for all week because she's actually never had the sandwich that's coming. Can anyone guess which popular sandwich I have missed in the rotation this week?

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  1. Did you ever have cucumber and cream cheese? It was a sandwich from a book I read as a kid. I have to admit it sounded gross at the time, but now I'm dying to try it-your series reminded me of it :)

    1. I have not but that sounds amazing as I love cucumbers. I used to eat at this pub of sorts run by a british guy called The London Cafe. He made the most incredible burgers and they had sliced cucumbers on it. Loved that sandwich!

  2. This looks so good! Being from up north I've never come across this one. And to continue the cucumber sandwich thing... so good! Especially with scallions mixed into the cream cheese.

  3. Tim: You guys must have been very rich because you got cream cheese in your pimento cheese! Mom used the same recipes, sans the cream cheese. Yep, nothing like homemade pimento cheese and cucumber spread! I have always felt sorry for the Northerners who just don't know what great food is like! Remember to soak the cucumber slices in cold salt water for at least 20 minutes to leech out the bitterness of the cuke before making the spread or cucumber and onion salad. Keep on writing about the memories....GiGi


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