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Back To School Throwback Lunches: Tuna Fish

This week I'm kicking off a series all about back to school lunches. Not just any lunches — lunches my mom made for me when I was going to school back in the 70's. Of course I got your standard fare from straight peanut butter and jelly to a ham a cheese, but more times than not, mom was always trying to be creative and not bore me day after day with the same old thing.

Monday I shared the story behind the good old classic cream cheese & olive sandwich. We toned it down for Tuesday and did the more popular peanut butter & banana sandwich. Hump day brings us a tuna fish sandwich. First off, for those of you going ewww, tuna fish — for a school lunch? My mom makes kick-butt tuna fish salad that is not fishy in taste at all. She incorporates just the right amount of cayenne pepper to give you that kick in the mouth you oh so need in the middle of a school day (and the middle  of the week).

The worst thing you want to happen is get to school, open up your lunch and have a soggy tuna fish sandwich. Well good ole' mom had a fix for that too. She would make the tuna fish the night before, then the next morning she'd toast the bread. A layer of mayonnaise was spread on each slice of the bread before the lettuce and tuna were heaped in the middle. This was the tuna fish anti-soggy wall barrier! I am pretty sure she has a patent on that trick.

For this trip down memory lane, I do believe the Little Debbie Nutty Bars were my favorite! I must have bought a defective package this go round because if you will notice, one bar is shorter than the other in the picture above. Hmm...

In case you are wondering about the the note, this is the name of REO Speedwagon's 7th studio album released in 1978. Tomorrow's post is going to be a fun one and a sandwich I still enjoy pretty regularly.

I ask, did your sandwich get sliced straight down the middle or on the diagonal?

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  1. Wait--you mean there's an actual good reason for mayo in a sandwich?? Why have I never heard of this before? Am I going to have to rethink all the sandwiches I make? My mind is blown! :)

    1. Mom says you can use it! She has the patent I think. :)

  2. I love how you are eating your way through the whole Little Debbie range! Now I expect you had to buy a full box for each type, and its only Wednesday, so just how many have you eaten for this series?!

    1. Luckily, I did find the individual packages! Whew...which one do you think is up for tomorrows post?

  3. Having moved to the US when I was 21, I haven't actually ever eaten a Little Debbie anything so don't know to guess! We have Mr. Kiplings in the UK - 'country slices' was what my mum usually got for me :)


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