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Back To School Throwback Lunches: Peanut Butter & Bananas

This week I'm kicking off a series all about back to school lunches. Not just any lunches — lunches my mom made for me when I was going to school back in the 70's. Of course I got your standard fare from straight peanut butter and jelly to a ham a cheese, but more times than not, mom was always trying to be creative and not bore me day after day with the same old thing. 

Monday I shared the story behind the good old classic cream cheese & olive sandwich. We tone it down for Tuesday and do a more popular peanut butter & banana sandwich.

No science to this one. White bread, peanut butter, and sliced bananas.

Another note for the series — white bread. I cannot remember the last time I actually bought white bread. It is so soft and fluffy. At least with wheat or a whole grain bread you feel like you are eating something with texture that requires chewing. White bread just kind of melts once you bite it and move it around in your mouth. As a kid, I loved this about white bread, but in my adult years I've grown to love the more whole grain, less processed bread varieties — both for their nutritional benefits and tastes.

We will continue down a somewhat normal lunch path tomorrow but I will share some tips and tricks that mom would incorporate into my "hump" day lunch.

The only thing left to ask is, what was your peanut butter of choice smooth, crunchy, or extra crunchy?

P.S. There is no oatmeal cream pie in the bag above. It did not even make it to that stage. 

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  1. This is such a cool posting series!! I love it :) I used to get Koshari :) It was my all time favorite lunch. It's an Egyptian street food. And pita bread with Baba Ganoush was my preferred sandwich.

    As for PB choice...creamy.

    1. Thanks so much Angie! That sounds amazing but do not think mom was going there :)

  2. Okay this is going to sound weird, but my favorite thing is when I have peanut butter and honey on white bread (which I haven't had in YEARS) and the honey gets cold or something and it crystallizes right in the center of the bread, so the last bit is a tiny bit crunchy. It's soooo amazing. Peanut butter, banana and honey is a combination that cannot be reckoned with :)

    1. Hmm..I am not sure I have had the honey crystallize quite like that. It does sound amazing thought!

  3. These are super fun posts! SO taking me back! Like Tara, I used to use honey in my sandwich, but I would mix the honey and peanut butter until it was sooooo creamy and yummy! Then add my banana! But in our house, white bread was never allowed, only wheat bread. Still super yummy! And although I sometimes like crunchy, creamy was always my favorite:)


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