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A Simple Local Breakfast

Since deciding to blog full time I do wonder how I ever pulled off a full time job on top of writing sometimes for 6 different places at a time. One of the things I told myself was that when I made this leap I was going to try and live just a little simpler. This is one of those posts.

On an early morning last week I simply took the dog on a little hike and foraged for chanterelle mushrooms. I was recently introduced as to how easy this can be and detailed a post on 17 Apart called foraging for edible mushrooms in Richmond, Virginia. Upon returning to the house on this cool damp day — I simply sautéed my find, added some local eggs, and sliced up a local cantaloupe.

So this is my simple local breakfast. I disagree with the commercial that faster is better. On this day simpler and a little slower was better.

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well


  1. And much healthier too. Looks delish.

  2. We love chanterelles and have omelettes but more for lunch than in the morning.

    1. Hmm, interesting! I will say on occasion I will certainly whip up an omelette for dinner!

  3. That looks awesome! I love chanterelles.


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