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Open Faced Olive Hummus, Arugula & Tuna Sandwiches

Arugula* (or in some circles rocket) is creeping back into stores and farmers markets — and I for one could not be happier! This peppery right to spring is something we look forward to every year and we've been counting down the days to when we start our own first round of seeds for the garden. Sure you can get arugula year round but when in season, it's peppery bite and smile are most noticeable.

* I was researching the name arugula vs. rocket and the best description I found was arugula is the Italian name and rocket is the American name. It went on to say, sometimes a foreign name helps sell a product. Think about a restaurant who cannot move squid but can sell a ton of calamari. 

This is a simple healthy sandwich that can have many variations. Served for lunch it is kind of a "build your own to suit your tastes" once all ingredients are on the table. I had several ingredients in the fridge — tuna, capers, humboldt fog goat cheese, egg, and avocado.

I have made several versions of hummus that could work well here — take your pick from Roasted Eggplant Hummus with Curry, Easy Homemade Hummus, or just add a handful of black olives to the easy homemade hummus when you make it for the variation I used in this sandwich.

Toast up some 5 grain whole wheat bread slices....

Spread on your hummus and top with the ingredients of your liking.

Pepper generously...

A fairly quick, beautiful and healthy meal or snack awaits with a little creativity! Who else is excited arugula is back in town and what are you best ways to use this peppery green?

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well


  1. Genuine question: who calls it rocket in America? I've only ever heard/seen it referred to as arugula here, and rocket in the UK (husband is British). Is this a regional thing?

  2. In France it is called roquette and I like to use it to make a nice peppery pesto.


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