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Arugula & Swiss Tuna Melts

I have not gone here in a while — in fact it has probably been a good 7-8 years since I have made a good tuna melt. This fact prompted me to think, hmm... I wonder if it has been that long for my readers or if they have even made a tuna melt at all before? So as you can see, we are going there right now.

There are two keys to an amazing tuna melt — good bread and good tuna!

My tuna base is made from simple drained tuna (previously canned in spring water), chopped red onion, healthy scoops of mayonnaise, a pinch of capers with caper juice, and plenty of fresh ground pepper!

I always toast my bread before adding the tuna base. I like to call it a "crust barrier" to keep the rest of the bread soft but not watered down once you add the tuna. I found a new five grain Italian bread that fit the bill quite nicely.

After I top the bread with generous scoops of tuna base, I sprinkle fresh ground pepper and layer fresh arugula on top.

Top with plenty of swiss cheese then I dust it with cayenne pepper to give it just that little bit of bite! Return to the broiler — allow cheese to become a bubbly, melty, gooey beautiful mess. 

Remove from the oven, allow to cool slightly and enjoy!

So honestly, when was the last time you made a tuna melt or is this a new-to-you creation that is getting added to your recipe arsenal to try?

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  1. I used to love making my own tuna melts. I used to get them at this little cafe in a small town in Connecticut. I believe it was called New Sharon. I was working at a theatre there for the summer. Long story short, this little cafe made the most delicious local eats - among many favorites was this fabulous tuna melt that featured a fresh tomato slice under the cheese (Provolone, of course, because I'm not a big Swiss fan). That's what really made it for me. It quickly became my standard way to construct a tuna melt. I've never tried it with greens though; I might have to switch it up. Or heck, try both!

  2. I love the memories food evokes! Thanks for your tuna melt story!

  3. Mmm this looks so good! I'm overdue making a nice tuna melt... this is good motivation :)

    1. It had been a while for me also. I will not wait so long next time! Thanks for stopping by!


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