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How To Slice a Papaya

Sometimes you just put out a simple post and hope somewhere out there in the world someone reads this and says "you know, I have always walked by the papaya in the store because I had no idea what to do with it."

Well it is really quite simple. Pick your papaya:

They start out green, then they turn yellowish on the outside and can feel tender to the touch when ripe.

Slice it lengthwise down the middle.

Step back and admire the sheer beauty of this fruit.

Scoop or scrape out the seeds, revealing the ripe flesh.

Cut a little crosshatch through that flesh down to the skin and enjoy with a spoon.

Besides the vitamin C that this fruit packs, I have recently added it to my diet to help aid with digestion. More on the claims of health benefits from papaya here.

Sometimes local gets taken out and you just have to E.A.T. well.


  1. If you don't show me, how to do that, I wouldn't know. For sure.. lol

  2. If only I could get Papaya here - I always used to serve it with a squeeze of lime juice. And I miss it!!!

  3. I love papaya with lime juice. Have you tried the seeds? I just found out they're edible. Peppery, but really good.

    1. The seeds? Hmm.. I did not try them but will next time! Thanks for the tip.


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