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Fried Quail Egg in Sweet Peppers

Did you know when you cut the top off of a bell pepper, the hole that's left in the ring makes the perfect little nesting place for a fresh quail egg? Adding a few simple ingredients — it makes for the best little in-house brunch on the weekends!

What you choose as toppings for your quail egg really depends on what you have on hand, at least that's how it goes around here. I went with parmesan, clover sprouts, jalapeno's, salt, pepper, and pomegranate seeds for color!

After the tops of your peppers are cut, heat some olive oil in a pan and cook turning several times to heat and blister the skin of the peppers. Crack your quail egg right in the center of the pepper ring and cook to your preferred doneness:

Once your egg is cooked it will be joined with the pepper.

Dress the eggs with toppings and serve directly from the pan or serve on a plate. Most farmer's markets, specialty markets and Relay Foods are carrying quail eggs, and they taste just like a smaller version of a chicken egg. Don't be intimidated to pick some up during your next visit and I will be excited to hear the reaction you get from this simple but beautiful brunch/breakfast.

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  1. We just got quail eggs in our Relay box and I admit, I am scared of them. From what I am reading I guess that is kind of silly. Putting on a brave face this weekend...

    1. Great Shannon, put on that brave face and pull up those big girl pants! Nothing to be afraid of!

  2. I'm thinking half a dozen might do it for me. Like the presentation with the peppers. A slice of some home made bread toast and we are gold. Love the pictures you take by the way.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting and for the compliments!

  3. Is it just me or are those quail eggs simply too cute to eat? I'm a sucker for all things mini.

    Seriously though, I love this idea! Different sized eggs, like those from a quail or ostrich, always seem intimidating but I guess they really shouldn't be!

    1. Thanks Brittany and these were an @relayfoods purchase also! Do you guys sell peppers large enough for an ostrich egg?


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