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Parmesan Black Pepper Biscotti

You might want to sit down for this image rich post. A couple of notes — first, I rarely bake and secondly, if I copy a recipe verbatim I just send you to that site to get all of the recipe. Saves me from re-typing and it also gives credit where credit is due. That is where this Parmesan Black-Pepper Biscotti from Epicurious comes in. 

So here is a visual tour of a little something perfect to start out your New Year's party to be enjoyed with wine!

The ingredients...

The mixing of the dough...

Shaping the dough...

Adding the toppings...

Ready for the oven...

Slicing the biscotti...

And finally, packaging the biscotti...

The bite from the pepper mixed with the savory baked parmesan is a treat for any season. These also make wonderful gifts to take to any party you may be attending! I have made this recipe for Parmesan Black-Pepper Biscotti for several years and they are always a hit! Full recipe here.

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  1. I did not want to post until I made these. I love baking biscotti and until now only have made the sweet kind. But these are divine.

    just ask my husband, who says they go well with tea and wine and...well all by themselves.

    1. Thanks Sherry for letting me know! With all the sweets this time of year its nice to have something laying around that is savory but not sweet. Happy New Year to you and your family!


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