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New York Dog or a Chicago Dog

I was in New York and Chicago this past week, both on food related missions. I could have chosen pizza (and I did eat a slice in each city) but I did do hot dogs. I realize there are as many different hot dog variations as there are pizza variations between these two fine cities and this is simply a poll on which dog reigns. 

The two dogs I had the chance to taste were the iconic Chicago dog from Portillos (top picture if the pickle did not give it away) and the Bark dog from well known Bark Hot Dogs Brooklyn

So with Bark I signed up for the frequent barker card which has its perks and I know I am going back! We all remember Under Dog, right?

Both of these delicious hot dogs have their own lore but you might ask — what is the lore of the Bark dog? helps us define what makes up this amazing twist of a dog on a bun (it's 7 minutes of pork fat goodness):

Portillos is just a wonder and amazement as to how they pump so many dogs out so fast!

I have to say at least with these two variations of a dawg it is quite simply a toss up! Both are simply amazing in their own right! If you have had the chance to experience a New York dog versus a Chicago dog which reigns supreme for you?

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  1. Puhleeze! Like there's even a hint of competition. Chicago all the way, my friend. I hope you've settled back home and given that pooch of you a good romp around the yard. :)

    1. Yes the dog and I had a great romp around!

    2. Agreed... on the Chicago Dog! First had them when we moved up there in 1966 from Martinsville Va.

    3. Ooops, forgot tot say that I have had New York dogs on a few visits to NYC for comparison. My favorite pizza is deep dish Sicilian style like I used to have at Uno's or Gino's East in downtown Chicago.

  2. I agree with The Mom Chef - The hot dog is a Chicago art form, and Portillo's is da' bomb.

  3. Both, please! I grew up outside Chicago & then lived in NYC as an adult, so I have excellent memories of eating various hot dogs on various occasions, etc. I couldn't possibly decide! (NYC does win for thin crust pizza, however.)

    1. I am in the middle like you. Both amazing and different enough!


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