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Daikon Radish Chips

Ahh, the daikon radish — you either know what to do with it, avoid it at the grocery store, or it shows up in your produce delivery box and you gotta figure something out. The latter is what happened to me. Although familiar with the vegetable, definitely eaten it pickled, raw, in salads, and in the fresh spring rolls wrapped in rice paper — I honestly had never actually done anything with it before.

I really had dreams of a rice paper roll filled with thin noodles, daikon radish cut into fine matchsticks, a whole shrimp, and basil leaf that once rolled you could see through the paper but, there was just not time for that. So, that is how daikon radish chips came about!

  • Daikon radish, washed peeled and sliced thinly (my mandoline works nicely)
  • 3T olive oil (additional note on this below)
  • Paprika
  • Salt and pepper

  You want to cut your radish really quite thin and almost see through.

You can cut your oven broiler on at this point and mix your ingredients tossing with your hands and lay on cookie sheets.

You want to watch everything closely at this point because they cook really fast! If you do not keep an eye on them or........

You will have to start over! I of course did not watch them closely and therefore produced a big old #fail! 

Since this is a real blog and we are really cooking I wanted to show that not everything turns out as well as the pictures sometimes do. So I realized I used way to much oil. You just need to lightly coat the cookie sheet and continue to keep a close eye and you will get chips like these:

These did have a hints of spicy radish which is flavor I certainly enjoy. Hopefully that got my kitchen #fail out of the way just in time for holiday cooking.

I've got a busy trip to New York City this week with a late week flight to Chicago where I was invited to attend the Kenmore Fall 2012 Blogger Summit. As attendees we will be among the first to interact with the new Kenmore website, cookmore! Shh...that link does work, just don't let the folks at Kenmore know I let you have it.

Certainly more to come on this exciting event! So while I am gone you can follow me on Twitter or on Pinterest as I may or may not get a post up before I return!

While I am gone,

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well


  1. Thanks for showing the fail and the advice to watch carefully. I will try to make these when my kids go to bed.

    1. You are welcome and good luck with your chips!

  2. I tried these this afternoon and I kept ending up with burnt, soggy pieces of radish. No matter what I tried they wouldn't go crunchy. Any tips?

    1. As you can see I had my struggles. I would try less oil, a thicker slice and maybe a lower temperature. Some ovens are hotter than others. I did get mine to work and my only adjustment was less oil. Good luck!

  3. i only got oven toaster. can i use it? or just have it deep fried?


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