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Preserving Sweet Peppers for Winter Consumption

While I was sitting at home Saturday staring at peppers wrinkling and aging in the fridge, knowing I had already done my Hungarian Lecsó for the season, a timely tweet comes across my feed from Hank Shaw stating "It's time again, time to put up as many jars of these roasted, preserved peppers as I can". Genius!

I had several peppers and was in the middle of trying to do something — anything with them. This was the perfect tweet for a recipe to preserve these beauties until winter! 

I am going to let you visit his post for the step by step, but you basically coat peppers in olive oil and roast until blackened:

Place them in a paper bag to steam until cool as this will loosen the skin and make for easy peeling.

You are going to need some vinegar and salt to preserve these babies!

Place them in a jar with olive oil and as Hank suggested, I did boil mine for 10 minutes after closing the jar just to be sure. I am so looking forward to enjoying these mid-winter and I will be sure to remind you when I made these way back in August!

What are you doing to hold on to all of those sweet tastes of Summer? I hope this inspires you at the market this week because these peppers in early 2013 are sure to satisfy!

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  2. So far I have frozen mine but this is a great alternative.

    1. It really was quite simple and I cannot wait to try them in the dead of winter!

  3. Pickled peppers--great idea! I've mostly just been canning lots of tomato sauce so far. Clearly, I need to pack a whole lot more preserving into the next few weeks!

  4. I've been wondering what to do with mine as well!! What will you use them on, later? :)

    1. Jasanna I like to eat them straight up right out of the jar maybe over some good bread. So sweet and delicious!

  5. Readers should know that peppers are LOW ACID and therefore MUST be pressure canned if they are to be safely preserved. In addition, the oil in this recipe means it is not shelf stable. I would encourage those who are not familiar with safe canning practices to PLEASE research USDA and FDA guidelines. If you choose not to follow them, fine, but you should at least familiarize yourself with them.


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