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Fennel, Garlic & Potato Soup

From what I have seen recently, most people seem to agree we are rolling into "soup" season since fall is quickly approaching along with some cooler weather. Growing up with both European and American grandparents, there was a cultural difference in soup. For my dad's parents (European) soup was from what I can remember an every season dish — I remember some were as simple as a flavorful broth with handmade noodles. With my mom's parents (American) there was a ritual of vegetable soup making to have in late fall and to can for winter months to enjoy.

So for some reason I have to side on the fact that I got the American soup gene as I do feel we are coming into soup season — although next year I am making a conscious decision to make soup in all seasons!

I came across this soup recipe from the NewYork Times fitness and nutrition page, and upon reading the title knew these were all ingredients I thought would pair well for a late summer soup! The recipe is by Martha Rose Shulman, the author of The Very Best Recipes for Health.

This recipe really is as simple as dicing the vegetables, roasting in a pan, adding a chicken or water broth to simmer, and then blending in a blender to combine. It can be served hot, warm, or cold and I found the flavor amazing without any milk or cream as the potatoes gave it it's creamy texture.

As with most things, a little hot sauce adds a different depth to this soup.

So as with my Preserving Sweet Peppers Recipe from earlier in the week I am going ask that you visit my source for the recipe and have a go at this soup, because after all we are coming up on "soup season" right?

When is your season for soup — year round or do you stick to winter?

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  1. I definitely eat soup year round! There's nothing like late summer chili filled with fresh corn and tomatoes. And I agree 100% on the hot sauce front.

  2. Love it Eileen, I am thinking of a soup series soon and if you have any tried and true favorites I would love to take a look and possibly feature it!

  3. I had (almost) exactly these ingredients from the CSA box.... Thanks to StumbleUpon for helping me find 17 Apart! I used green onions. It is delicious! It tastes creamy and somehow potato chip-like!

    1. Mary, so happy you tried it and also found 17 Apart & E.A.T. hope to see you around here often!

  4. Hi Tim; LOVE your posts so far! I wanted to thank you for liking my page "The Foodies". I'm new at this stuff so I hope you enjoy it :-) As for soup it's year round for us. I'm in Australia, so our seasons are opposite. We have just finished a very cold Winter during which we enjoyed some wonderful, hearty soups. I too have been amazed at the creaminess a couple of potatoes gives, without the addition of milk or cream. I also make soups which feature lentils & barley. This season I also discovered that celeriac, brussel sprouts & daikon all make wonderful soups. I will check back often as I've enjoyed reading your posts so far.

  5. I'm all about the french onion, but I haven't found a way to make it quickly and have it in the freezer to pop out. The crunchy bread is my nemesis!! This looks tasty!!

    1. Jasanna, I love a good french onion soup also! Might have to add that to the list.

  6. From about October through March, there is pretty much always a pot of soup simmering on my stove. It gets banned the months inbetween because my family claims soup overload.
    The only exception to that is Gumbo. Gumbo must be made when the ingredients are in season but freezes beautifully for those rare winter evenings I don't have a pot of soup on.

    1. I had put some okra in the freezer but now you have me thinking gumbo so I believe that will be making an appearance here soon. Thanks for the inspiration!


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