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Restoring & Seasoning a Cast Iron Pan

Really thrilled to share my tried and true method for restoring cast iron pans to their original glory in a guest post for Lot18. It's amazing how well a grimy pan can go from something nobody would look twice at to a pristine piece of history many would be proud to cook in with 5 easy steps and a little elbow grease.

Cast iron can be found in numerous places from yard sales, antique stores, estate sales, or passed down from family members. The thrill of the hunt can be fun and as you may already know, when coming across the pristine ones — they usually cost you a pretty penny. What most don't know is by applying these simple steps to those skillets that look way past their prime, you can save yourself plenty and cook with your own cherished piece of history brought back to life.

Once you've got your own skillet in shape, come on back for some of my favorite recipes using cast iron pans — I've got an amazing mid-week meal coming up. I'd love to hear how bringing your own skillets back to life goes and hope you'll follow along as I continue to share more of my favorite recipes and culinary adventures on Lot18.

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  1. Thanks for this - I have managed to get all the old Griswolds looking new. This works great although I had to take the batteries out of the smoke detector.

    1. Thanks Rick and I also had to take the batteries out of the smoke detector! Stay tuned for what I fixed in the newly revived cast iron pan!


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