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Padron Peppers

I am hesitant to write this post — why you ask? Because I selfishly want to go to the market next Saturday run straight to Tomten Farm's space and buy up every single padron pepper they have. I had eaten these before and you probably have also — especially if you have ever eaten in a tapas restaurant, as this is one of the more popular offerings on the menu. Since I made this on Saturday afternoon, I have learned they were at the market last year unbeknownst to me. My bad.

  • 15-20 Padron peppers
  • Sea salt
  • Olive oil
Wash peppers and allow to dry. Add olive oil to pan and heat until shimmering. Add peppers, shaking the pan to coat peppers with olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and continue cooking with an occasional shake of the pan until the peppers become brown and charred. The picture below is about 5 minutes in and the title picture is what you want to achieve 8-10 minutes in. Remove from heat and sprinkle with additional salt of desired.

Pop these in your mouth while still hot and eat everything but the stem. Wow what a treat.

Another option for cooking padron peppers could be on the grill and serving as a side with steak. I could easily eat these every day and honestly was not aware that this variety of pepper grows locally. I must try my hand at growing some of these flavorful peppers next year for the E.A.T. kitchen.  

I started this post by talking about being selfish. Well you might want to get up a little early next Saturday cause I am selfishly going to buy several cartons next week.

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well


  1. Never heard of these, but they do look fabulous. I'll have to check around here to see if I can find some.

    1. Monica I hope you can find these. What a treat!

  2. We were always super excited to find these at our old Brooklyn farmer's market because there were zero other hot peppers available. That just wasn't going to cut it for Californians in NYC. The roasted peppers sounds great!

    1. Eileen thanks for stopping by and yes these were a wonderful treat! Hoping you have a tasty day ahead!


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