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How to Make Saucy Spaghetti (yes, really)

If you recall, we brought this cook book out to learn how to make hot dogs. I really hope everyone has that down and has enjoyed their "homemade" hot dogs. Now we are going to try our hand at making Saucy Spaghetti.

Don't be nervous — this is just a baby step up from making hot dogs, but it does involve sharp cans and a can opener. As to not have any copyright issues I am copying this recipe exactly from the Better Homes and Garden "Junior" Cookbook from 1955.

  • 1 can spaghetti in tomato sauce with cheese
  • 1 4 ounce can of Vienna sausage
Take out:

Saucepan, skillet, can opener, spoon fork, serving dish potholder

  1. Dump spaghetti into a pan, heat slowly. Stir occasionally with spoon.
  2. Open can of Vienna sausage and put them in skillet; heat slowly over low heat.
  3. Arrange spaghetti and sausage on plate.  Serve right away to 2 or 3.
Please note, if you cannot read the caption under the picture to the left of the guy enjoying the smell of this wafting from the window, it says — "If the meal is a special one, serve grated Parmesan cheese with Saucy Spaghetti."

I just want to know and please leave your comments below — are there not like 7 or more things that make you shake your head about this recipe? I am just curious if the glaring 7 are the same ones I have.

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  1. This cracks me up — especially the "dumping" part.

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!! I just snorted my coffee. I might just have to go find that cookbook and say so long to Peace Meals. Those recipes look much easier :)

    1. Angie, I was cracking up writing this. Stay tuned I have a few more classics that I will pull out on occasion.

  3. Hahahahaha this is hilarious, Tim!

    1. Right! Can you even get spaghetti in tomato sauce with cheese? I guess I just do not go down that aisle of the supermarket anymore!


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