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How to Make Hot Dogs (yes, really)

I recently came across this 1955 rendition of the Better Homes and Garden "Junior" Cook Book and decided from time to time I'll post some very helpful, not to mention cutting edge, recipes that I guess you just couldn't live without in 1955.

I really try to think about how I now fix hot dogs compared with this recipe. Well, my version is similar (minus buttered buns) but using local dogs, gourmet mustard, and whole wheat buns — why mess with a classic.

My how times have changed.  How does your version compare?

E.A.T local E.A.T. well


  1. You know, I was perversely hoping to find an actual recipe for a ground meat mixture to feed gently into a series of sausage skins. Ha!

    I had a kids' cookbook very much like this from the early 80s. I don't think it directed me to put two hot dogs on each bun, though. Where do you even get buns big enough to hold multiple hot dogs? Nowadays I usually get boiled hot dogs from street carts & eat them with just a line of brown mustard. Perfect & heritagenous!

    1. Too funny! I was curiously checking my stats to see who would search how to make hot dogs. With your post I see there would be a need to know how to actually make a hot dog like you described. I have some other comical recipes I am going to post from time to time so stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!


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