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Flowering Cilantro

So when you get fresh herbs how do you store them? Mine typically are just picked fresh from the garden but when I do purchase herbs they go straight to a jar similar to the one above.  I just cut the stalks with scissors, put them in water, and they will perk right back up.  This allows me to just cut and use as needed over the course of a week changing the water and cutting the stalks frequently.

You can see the above cilantro has begun to flower and once it goes to flower you can still use it but the flavor is not going to be intense.  I believe the above is past its prime only now to be used as a centerpiece for dinner.

What fresh herbs are you growing and in love with right now?

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  1. We had a heat wave in Pittsburgh a few weeks back and my dill and cilantro went wild, but before I could make a tiny harvest...a big bad frost came and put them to rest.

    1. I do not know what is worse losing the herbs or the Pens out in 6. Thanks for stopping by and checking in.

  2. It might be past its prime, but it sure LOOKS lovely :)

  3. We have a huge herb garden this year! I just cut plenty of basil, cilantro, and mint. We also have thyme, rosemary, lemon balm, lavender, thai basil, and sage. I LOVE cooking with herbs. The cilantro does turn into coriander after it flowers, though, right? So you could always use the coriander seed!

    1. Yes, and I had gotten these herbs already cut so I do not think I would have gotten seeds but I will look for that if my planted cilantro does flower. That would be a fun thing to harvest which I have never done. Thanks for visiting!


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