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Brunch: Strawberry Bruschetta

So, this week how many of you have put strawberries in your fridge? I'm going to take a wild guess and say if you haven't done it yet you are out at the farmer's market searching out these beauties since they are in the height of the season!

I actually received my first delivery box this week from The Farm Table which had a beautiful container full of fresh local strawberries! With my choice to add on fresh local bread to the box this week, strawberry bruschetta was bound to happen.

  • Fresh strawberries, sliced or diced
  • Fresh basil, cut in ribbons
  • Mozzarella, (diced) — or Ricotta cheese
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Honey (Bearer Farms local honey)
  • A fresh baguette brushed with olive oil & grilled

Quite honestly the ingredients above are what I had received in the box, had growing in the backyard (basil), or just had on hand in the fridge. So I listed the ingredients I chose for my bruschetta and you may elect to do the same or create your own variation.

Slice your bread in half and brush with olive oil. I grilled my bread on a griddle but you could broil it also. Since I had two different kinds of cheese I made two different takes on the bruschetta. 

For the first take, I chose to dice the strawberries and mix half with the mozzarella. Topped the bread with this mixture and then drizzled balsamic vinegar on top — finishing with the basil ribbons.

On the other slices I simply spread the ricotta, drizzled the honey, added diced strawberries, basil ribbons, and again topped with the balsamic.

Of course strawberries are wonderful to have in the fridge and snack on as whole berries, but with the gorgeous weather and grilling season perfect for having friends over — would it not impress to pull these out for all to enjoy?

What is your go-to strawberry recipe this time of year? I certainly have been pinning some beauties over on Pinterest as of late.


  1. Tim,

    I love this. So perfect for warm weather. I really like the idea of using fresh ricotta, which is one of my favorite things on the planet. I've been making a similar crostini recipe with brie, balsamic strawberries and arugula. Can't go wrong with any of these combos!


    1. Kendra your approval always means bunches! Thanks for reading and stopping by!

    2. Actually, I can't resist stopping by to check out your drool-worthy photos!!

    3. Tim,
      I am making this. Love your site!
      Please be single & emotionally available...I can relocate! We could make fabulous passionate menus together then you could chase me around the farm, LOL!

  2. Will try this tomorrow for breakfast - just bought some fresh and lovely smelling strawberries. But I think I will try to do this with fresh and crreamy goat's cheese - très Provençal....

    1. Goat cheese would definitely work! Let me know how it turns out!

  3. This look fabulous and your photos are amazing. I need to get some local strawberries asap.

    It was great catching up with you and Mary at brunch. Hope to see you soon!

    1. Thanks Brittany great to see you also. Thanks for the huge compliment and means a lot coming from you!

  4. The pictures are gorgeous and this looks delicious! I love this time of year when the local produce offerings start to include more things grown ABOVE ground!

    1. Thanks for the compliment and stopping by and taking a look!

  5. This looks absolutely beautiful and completely delicious!

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  6. This looks wonderful and your pictures are great! I am trying this over the weekend!

    1. Wonderful! Let me know how it turns out! As always thanks for stopping by.


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