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Mexican Herb Gardens from the Royal Resorts in Cancun

Not those kind of Mexican herbs......

I have spent the past week far away from home-cooking but it was nice to see the resort (The Royal Caribbean) we were staying in growing and cultivating their own herbs and vegetables. So take a quick walk with me in this garden for a quick Spanish tutorial (in my best Dora the Explorer voice)!

(Above) Albahaca - Basil

Chile Habanero - Ouch

Epazote ( eh-puh-ZOE-tay) - A Mexican herb, that in large quantities this herb can be poisonous and has a gasoline or perfume type odor (I couldn't smell it from where I was shooting). It also has a very distinct taste and most recipes recommend leaving it out if you don't have it on hand. I am not sure what I ate that had this herb and can say that I am not sure what it would traditionally be used in. Have any ideas or have you grown up using this herb? Would love to try and grow this just for the "fear" factor.

Romero - Simply Rosemary & Rabano - Radish

I am exited to be back, looking forward to the kitchen and have inspired myself to continue trying new dishes utilizing local ingredients as I always try to do.

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well


  1. Epazote is traditionally used while cooking beans, to help counteract some of their more, ahem, musical qualities, if you get my meaning. Toss a sprig in while cooking dried beans to tame the... uh... toot.

    1. Megan that is why I write this blog I learn so much from my readers! I did read that is does tame tooting! Have you come across it locally?




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