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Garden Update! Olive Oil Can Planter

For those who remember my DIY tutorial for turning an olive oil can into a planter, here's how things are shaping up! Organic mesclun greens were planted on February 26th and the photo above was taken today. Not big enough to harvest just yet but I'm looking forward to picking these to make little salads tossed with lemon and of course olive oil!

If you do not have these tender young greens in your garden or planters it is not to late to start them.

We also recently put together these easy DIY teepee garden supports which we are using to for peas — they've been the perfect solution to maximizing our urban space.

Get all the details for this easy project over on 17 Apart. Our limited backyard space is really starting to look like an urban garden with peas (2 varieties), mesclun greens, garlic, beets, spinach, arugula, carrots (2 varieties), onions, broccoli, and leeks.

What have you gotten started in your garden this early in the season?

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  1. I have arugula from a late fall planting that keeps trying to bolt, but the more I harvest it, the more it comes back.
    I planted some greens in Mid-February that are popping up and I do think I see signs of life from the seeds I threw in the ground just last Sunday!
    All my herbs are popping back to life - most notably the chives and sage.

    1. Becky, beautiful! There is nothing better or more peppery than home grown arugula!

  2. Love your blog and wanted to share:

  3. Just wondering if those containers will be too shallow for those plants. I have never had luck with shallow planters like that. Keep us posted on things look when they are grown. I am enjoying visting here tremendously!

    1. You may not have gotten to this update yet but check out the salads we have been making from this olive oil can planter

      Thanks for stopping by!


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