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From Scratch: Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

As I write this I still have a cold from 2011 lingering and I just want it to go away. I mean it's January 11th already — I just want to create beautiful meals in our new kitchen. This past weekend called for and prompted me to cut up a chicken and make some chicken noodle soup!

I leave you with less words and more pictures only to say if it is chicken soup you desire, make it yourself. Really, it's not that hard and you can make the whole thing even easier by purchasing a bird that's already been cut up (but you pay a little more). I dove right in on my whole bird — it definitely doesn't have to look perfect.

My version of this classic winter staple was adapted from this Old-Fashioned Chicken Noodle Soup recipe at Epicurious.  The minimal changes made were in using Colavita bow tie pasta and 9 pieces of chicken (not the 8 called for). I grew up with the back of the chicken being used whether or not you are barbecuing, frying, or making chicken noodle soup — we didn't waste anything!

Making chicken noodle soup can come from a can or you can spend an hour and half cutting your veggies, chicken, adding stock to that pot o' simmering goodness, and finally your choice of noodles. That's what I'm taking about.

Here's to good health and good soup.

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  1. I don't know why I've never thought to use a recipe for chicken noodle soup. I use recipes for most other things. My past attempts have ended up being too gelatinous due to the quantity of noodles I've thrown into the mix. Consider me rehabilitated on this matter. I shall use good ol' epicurious!

  2. Soup is always a big hit at our house. Always from scratch, along with a homemade bread. I just mixed up a sourdough starter, so, soup night is in our near future.
    Hope you feel well soon, and are cooking again soon!

  3. @Page this really is a good comfort food simple recipe.

    @melissa thanks so much and I am on the mend!


  4. Chicken soup is supposed to be a natural antibiotic as is garlic, so I am trying to beat my cold both ways - chicken soup or butternut and garlic - let's see whose sinuses clear up first :)!

  5. @Cuisine de Provence if mine do not start soon I am trying the garlic you speak of!


  6. I adore soups. I feel like they are so simple and everyone makes them, but soups really need to be coddled just like any other dish. To get good flavor in soups, it does take knowledge and effort! Ya know? Everyone makes spaghetti, too, but it doesn't mean it's good!!, yes, take time in your soups and definitely use recipes if you don't have one of your own! It can make a WORLD of difference. Yours looks wonderful, Tim. Perfectly simple. Be well.


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