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Steamed Lobsters

My second post ever on this E.A.T. blog taught us how to humanely kill and hypnotize a lobster. Looking back on that post I can see how far I believe this blog has come. You can also see how often lobsters are eaten in this house — not very. Thanks to one of my former co-workers up in New England — he contacted me recently hoping to score a Virginia ham for Christmas.

The text message read something like this:

Bob: Hey Tim, Bob. You up for a little wager on the New England vs. Pittsburgh game this afternoon?

Tim: Although nervous I will take you up on this. 2-2 pound lobsters vs. a Virginia ham to be delivered before Christmas?

Bob: Sounds good I could use a ham for Christmas.

Tim: Great! I have not had a lobster in a while!

Nothing else was said and there was no other communication between myself and Bob the rest of the night. As you can tell by the pictures the outcome of the Steelers vs Patriots netted me 2- 2 pound lobsters directly from The Lobster Guy.

I do not believe anything else needs to be covered in this post. Just like me to bet food and not money. Have you ever placed a wager with food as the means of the bet?

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  2. I haven't bet food, but I had a tattoo wager on the LSU vs. Bama game. All I can say is; Thank God LSU won. I've yet to see any evidence that my friend has follow through with her end of the bargain.

  3. I just won a bet today with my SO and the wager was a tasty, healthy dinner cooked and dishes washed. I'm looking forward to not having to cook one night coming up. :)


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