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Richmond Food Collective: Yes we Can

As mentioned in my canning post from last week I had the privilege of attending the "Yes we Can" event hosted by Richmond Food Collective on Saturday. What an event and one I am already planning for next year.

Simple concept: bring goods that you have canned, dehydrated, or made and take away the same amount you brought in. In our case we brought 4 jars of banana peppers and two jars of the homemade apple vinegar we made — this allowed for us to swap them out for other canned goods people had brought.

Walking in, aromas of fresh apple cider filled the air making it that much more of a warming welcoming event.

We left with a jar of each of the following: dilly beans (pickled green beans), kimchi, spiced pumpkin apple chutney, strawberry syrup, spicy salsa, and sauerkraut — all created in someone else's kitchen here in Richmond. The dilly beans and the salsa have already fallen prey to our appetites.

Homemade curry cheese crackers made by Shannon of the RFC.

I cannot compliment the idea and company of this event enough, except to say I challenge everyone reading this to create a similar event in your community. If you are already canning, share the love and let me know how it went. It's a community type event that shares fellowship and good local nourishing food. This has already gotten me thinking what am I canning and bringing next year?

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well


  1. Such a fun day! Thanks so much for coming and sharing your amazing peppers and vinegar. Wonder who was lucky enough to take those home!

    See y'all soon!

  2. Thanks Tim!! I look forward to reading those other post of yours... and I'll have to post that cracker recipe asap!


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