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Canning Banana Peppers

If you remember my canning post from a month or so ago I stated this was an "Art I want to Master". I mean, my grandparents did this religiously — canning everything like tomatoes, pickles, vegetable soup, watermelon rinds, damson preserves, and even garlic. It's in my blood right?

I must admit seeing the process as a child, I thought it was like opening a can from the grocery store. I mean same concept you go to the store buy a jar of something turn the top and "POP" it releases then you dump it in a sauce pan heat it up and its summertime all over again. Sorry, not the same. Not even close. Tasting vegetables you grew in the summer in the dead of winter is a taste that jolly green guy cannot hold a candle to — though I cannot claim any greatness here yet as I haven't tasted my 12 jars of summer goodness.

The process was long, tedious, and a little cumbersome for this first time canner. The true satisfaction (next to everything tasting well) was about 15 minutes after I took the jars out of the boiling water and heard the "POP" of the first jar seal while in the other room. A truly momentous occasion!

So my first attempt and steps at canning seem to be an early success visually and I have to say I learned a lot with plenty of do's and dont's — but not enough to tell anyone with confidence how to can. With that said, I do want do more and become more of an expert on canning before dolling out advice on this site, so more to come.

If you also can and are in Richmond this weekend you can visit the "Yes We Can" effort by Richmond Food Collective happening this Saturday from 3:00-5:00. Basically, you can swap canned, frozen, or dried food you may have preserved this growing season. For example, you might be able to take 5 quarts of tomatoes and swap for 3 jelly jars of strawberry jam or other combinations. Find a great write up over on about the "Yes We Can" event.

E.A.T. is going to stop by for a visit and I hope to see you there.

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