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Sunday Supper: Short Ribs over Orzo

There are many things I love about fall including the bright burnt colors of leaves, the cooler temperatures, the change of vegetable scenery at the farmers market, but most of all there is no better season for comfort food. My definition of comfort food includes recipes that are prepared slowly with good ingredients and really fill the house with a smells that evoke memories from childhood or previous good eats!

After coming across this Red Wine-Braised Short Ribs recipe in Bon Appétit magazine I knew this weekend was going to be full of comforting smells. Using grass fed beef short ribs and herbs from the E.A.T. garden, last night's dinner was a perfect Sunday Supper on Saturday.

The recipe called for the ribs to be served over mashed potatoes (another classic comfort food) but I chose to use organic Italian orzo that I had in the cabinet.

I have to say this is a week where leftovers will not go to waste. When it comes to comfort what are you go to meals or memories?

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  1. Beef stew and fresh sourdough bread.

  2. I can just smell this - delicious! In Provence the season for comfort food is almost here, the Mistral is blowing, we now drink red instead of rosé wine and I had a real hard time finding fresh basil yesterday.

  3. Wow, that looks fabulous! One thing I really miss is orzo pasta. I need to find a way to make them myself without gluten.

  4. Mashed potatoes just made the menu tonight. I already have roasted 6 lbs. of sweet potatoes. But it just doesn't matter.

  5. @Richard love a good hearty beef stew. For my beef stew I never peel the carrots just a "thing" with me and my stew.

    @Cuisine de ProvenceRed season is upon us here also. We too did not see fresh basil at the market but we did start seeing a fair amount of root vegetables!

    @monica did a little research and came across this

    @Megan 6 pounds of sweet potatoes um...Wow!


  6. Thanks, Tim! I came across that, too, just after leaving the last comment :)

  7. Tim
    You are motivating me to get some short ribs and cook them this way.


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