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Sunday Supper: Pork and Tomatillo Tacos

Tacos were the comfort food of choice this weekend. Not your normal tacos but a version that requires a little more time, preparation, patience, and a flavor beyond any taco that has passed your lips. If you have walked by and seen these tomato looking fruits (Tomatillos) and were not sure what to do with them then I would try this easy but a little time consuming recipe.

From the folks over at Epicurious, I took on Tacos with Pork in Green Sauce (Tacos de cerdo en salsa verde). My only change to this recipe would be to add another jalapeno for a little more spiciness. Dress the taco to your liking — the recipe called for white onion which actually did add an element of flavor I truly enjoyed.

I also left the pork in chunks and skipped the shredding part. The pork was so tender it literally melted in my mouth.

Step away from the box taco next time you are fixing them for the family and quite honestly, this is a little more traditional and recognizable to our friends South of the border. Ole'

In other food news coming later this week I canned for the first time in my life and made a quite successful looking batch of banana peppers.

Black walnuts were also on the agenda with a half bushel basket I happened to forage for in Williamsburg, Virginia. Let me just say this was one tough nut to crack.

Happy Halloween what are you dressing up as tonight?

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well


  1. We had a black walnut tree at our house in VA, but we never did anything with them as they were so difficult to get to.

    I'm really missing the apple cider you recommended last year....I'm still looking for some local cider here.

  2. @Monica stand by for the walnut post and yes difficult indeed. One thing I regret is not knowing how my grandfather got in these suckers!

    Wish I could send you a bottle of that cider also.


  3. We did comfort food the old school way with beef stew chock full of potatoes and carrots and made rich with red wine. Baked a fresh loaf of bread from the bread machine to help sop all the wonderful broth. Nice thing about meals like these is the leftovers! Never feels like slumming when it's lovingly homemade!

  4. Page it was definitely a beef stew kind of weekend here in #rva. Even better with home made bread!.


  5. You were busy .And still mangaed to make some yummy food too.Everything you prepare now (canned,jared,processed) will make you happy in the winter:)

  6. My grandmother used to have a huge black walnut tree in her yard and made the best coconut black walnut pound cake you've ever eaten. Love black walnuts, and yes, they are SO tough to crack!


  7. Kendra, thanks for stopping by. I actually have a neighbor across the street here in Stratford Hills and when the black walnuts fall they land in her driveway rolldown across the street and end up in my ditch. This year though the tree took a beating during Irene and it produced little fruit.

    They are drying now so stand by on how I got in these suckers!



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