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Mixed Greens and Sausage Soup with Cornmeal Dumplings

I'm happy to share I'll be continuing to do a little guest blogging over on Hills and Heights, our neighborhood news blog, during the winter months. You may remember or might even have made a couple of cocktails from my summer "H&H Happy Hour Series." Similarly, this series is dubbed the "H&H Saturday Soups and Stews" featuring, you guessed it — soups and stews.

Look for a new soup or stew recipe the 3rd Saturday of every month as I cook my way through the cooler months on the horizon. For the first recipe launching the series, pictured above, please visit mixed greens and sausage soup with cornmeal dumplings. I hope everyone enjoys the recipes!

What is one of your favorite soups to make in the winter and fall?

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  1. Why is it not surprising that we live in the same neighborhood? Because its the best, that's why.

    Regarding dumplings: I just stumbled across a CI recipe for chicken and dumplings, but I have greens I need to use, so I think the above is just the ticket. Hope to see you around the neighborhood sometime!

  2. We are in the beyond cool part of RVA! So happy to hear that neighbor. Hope you enjoy the soup and thanks for checking it out!



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