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Bacon Gruyere Scones with Honey Butter

Stephanie came home for an overnight visit this weekend for a little break from her sophomore duties at James Madison University. I always try and send her back with a little something to enjoy and share with her friends.

I truly do not bake very often but it seems like I've done some sort of baking over the last two weekends (more to come later in the week on last weekend's baking). Flipping through my Pinterest account, I came across something I had pinned to try to make — Bacon and Gruyere scones. I mean bacon, scallions, and Gruyere cheese — what's not to love?

If you aren't familiar with or don't have a Pinterest account, you really need to get one. Basically, it allows you to bookmark images/pictures you come across and organize them by category in your Pinterest account. This allows you to go back at a later date and it will take you back to the original site with a click of a button. I like to use it primarily for saving recipes I come across but you can also get lost in searching for items like grilled cheese, backyard pools, or pumpkin carving as examples since everyone else on Pinterest is already saving incredible finds.

This particular recipe was easy and I believe it needed a little more buttermilk than it originally called for. The honey butter is simply a pat of butter with 3-4 tablespoons of honey (I used Bearer Farms Honey) whipped with a fork until blended.

Hopefully I've shared with you two new things — a great recipe for scones and a new website that can be a useful tool. If you have a Pinterest account or join after this post be sure to connect with me.

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