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Oysters in New York City

I like to switch things up every so often, so as I visit New York City this week, I'm planning on a mini blog series chronicling my adventures in hunting down local oyster bars (among other eats). I'm very lucky in that I do get to visit the city on a somewhat regular basis and if you've followed my blog it's no secret I love oysters. Raw oysters have a soft spot in my heart (stomach) and the city boasts endless raw bars serving these gems of the sea.

Oysters have so much character all unto themselves depending on where they were born and live. Saltiness, mineral, and earth, cucumber and smoke are all ways that hit the palate when eating them. As the French poet Léon-Paul Fargue once said, eating one is “like kissing the sea on the lips.”

I am going to kiss a few and more this week and Maison Premiere, the first raw bar on my list pictured above, has been a place I've wanted to visit since opening 6 months ago. The decor, staff, and stars of the show (the oysters) did not disappoint!

I'm well on my way to slurping my way through New York. Stay tuned.

Have you kissed the sea on the lips recently? If so, how do you like yours and do you have a favorite? Locally, mine are Olde Salts from Rappahannock River Oysters which were being served at Maison Premiere when I dropped in.

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well


  1. Oysters are my favorite food! I had them as the focal point of my wedding, my bachelorette party, any birthday, etc etc! I do the Hanover Shuk n Pul every year w/ a chartered bus, the personal steamer at my tent, and all the fixin's! Love them raw...with a mignonette. YUM! Have a blast. So jealous!

  2. Shannon a focal point of your wedding? Now that is an oyster fan and is a fun idea....Awesome!


  3. Befor we came to New Zealand my family(orifginaly fro Serbia) never ate oysters.Simple because they are hard to get and where far too expansive.Now we have here Bluff famous oysters which we buy by dozen or two.Yes,grat idea for wedding..can be helpfull aswell;)


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