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The Oyster Bar at Grand Central

I have talked before about visiting the Grand Central Oyster Bar. Although somewhat of a touristy destination for some, there are still many who don't know this place exists! The restaurant has been there since 1913 and boasts a list of both West Coast, East Coast, and Canadian oysters. Definitely worth a visit in my opinion just to see the history; it's always a favorite stop of mine when in the city.

Find the oyster varieties I tried this time around below:

(4) French Kiss - Prince Edward Island

(2) Barron Point - Vancouver British Columbia

(2) Belon Wild - Maine and as a side note one of the rarest oysters in the world. I was actually pretty lucky to find these in town.

As I sit in Chelsea market editing this post I am planning my next oyster bar visit at lunch today. If you are in NYC a visit to this market is a must housing both the Food Network and Major League Baseball corporate offices. Those businesses are nestled among many wonderful little shops and restaurants.

What are your favorite destinations in NYC?

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  1. I visited this bar when I was really young and more years than I care to remember ago(35 or so??)because I heard about it and because I had never tasted clam chowder. The chowder wasn't all that great but I felt terribly grown up sitting there all by myself in NYC - thanks Tim for bringing back this memory!

  2. Yes I can see you are oyster lover.And I don't blame you:) I love them too;)


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