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Canning: An Art I want to Master

My grandparents canned. It was an art — actually an end of summer ritual. I want to taste summer again in the winter and have plenty of extra vegetables from the garden which would preserve wonderfully canned. This video shows the importance and fun of preserving summer's bounty, I think you'll like it:

Canning is on my "to do" list soon...very very soon. This weekend I'll leave you with a little Richmond history relic — canning has been taking place at family gatherings here in Richmond, Virginia for generations.


  1. Yes you should do that.I have to as I grow commercially fruit and veggies(organic) and always have surplus.Although not preserving in cans ,when I think about it.more in jars,containers,bottles and alike.Looking forward to your stories;)Great clip

  2. Thank you Dzoli, I bet you have a wonderful organic farm!


  3. It was a ritual at my Gilliam grandparents' home, too, in addition to making preserves from the surplus from the fruit trees (other than the apple trees from which came great applesauce!). Are we too late to request watermelon rind pickle?

  4. Hi Tim
    You have wards on my blog..deserved:)

  5. Tim:

    I found that necessity was the mother of motivation in this case. Saturday, I somehow ended up with 33lbs. of very ripe tomatoes, and remembering my mom in the kitchen on Sundays in August, I just went for it. I couldn't stand to seem them go to waste. Turns out, the Internet seems to have answers to everything, and basically taught me how to can this season. How did we ever get along with out it? ;)

  6. @SheWearsBoots 33 pounds wow! So happy you figured it out and canned them. I will be jealous in January while you are enjoying the fruits of your labor!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Folks here that live in the mountains can everything it is part of a ritual that is centuries old, going back to the days when if you did not can or preserve, you had nothing come winter. I totally subscribe to your goal and I am loving to learn more about Richmond and its history.


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