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Sunday Supper: Okra Stew

While you may be thinking this stew looks like it should be in a fall post, it's an okra post - an okra post that eliminates any sliminess from okra recipes' past. I've mentioned recently that okra is flourishing in the E.A.T. summer garden, so it couldn't have been better timing when I came across Mark Bittman's okra stew recipe on the New York Times, The Minimalist: Okra Stew. Once again I recommend adding the NYT dining and wine section to your blog reader.

Find the full recipe here. I used a full pound of okra and as Mark states, this dish satisfies both fans of okra and anyone who may be on the fence (so long as you're a pork fan).

Slicing the vegetables and chopping the meat is as complicated as this recipe gets. The smells coming from the kitchen and the amount of time you have to wait for the stew to thicken is harder than the actual recipe.

My version did seem a little more "stewy" and I don't think the dried chiles I added made for any extreme heat to the dish; however, this could be adjusted at the finish by adding several shakes of your go-to hot sauce.

If you've ever thought okra was a wasted vegetable this recipe will definitely change your mind. I'd love to know if you give it a try because it's a winner in my book.

I grew up on okra fixed many ways - in soups, stews, and fried. What are your thoughts - fan or not?

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  1. I think Okra is experiencing a great unjustice under the evgetable.Who ever tries it will be smitten:) This dish is also great eat:)

  2. I like okra either really crunchy or dissolved in a stew as in a gumbo. This looks delicious as well!

  3. Your Sunday Suppers look like winners to me, and since your Steelers were playing this past weekend, maybe football season and okra season have a bit of overlap.

  4. Jinx (mom),

    I have a bowl of this just waiting to give you to take home when I see you on Wednesday - looking forward to it!


    The ladies at tend collective are inspiring me to OKRA!


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