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Okra (Hibiscus Esculentus)

It's a proud day here in the E.A.T. kitchen.

Why you ask? Well, my very first okra pod was picked from the garden today. Before anyone turns their nose up thinking, "too slimy for me," and moves on to the next blog in their Google Reader (that's how you keep up to date with mine...right?) let's analyze okra.

First, okra should be picked no older or larger than what you see above. If you do, you're asking for more slimy-ness. Okra is also generally not used as a side dish alone, it's usually sliced and incorporated into soups, gumbos, fried, or you may remember my own simple pickled version. All four variations are ways I enjoy okra and I have to say my favorite is fried with fresh sea salt, ground pepper, and a splash of spicy vinegar.

So I ask, are you a fan of okra and what are your favorite ways to fix them? This one okra pod will await its brethren as there are several more that will make for a nice dish next weekend - so stand by.

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  1. Okra is unfortunatelly a bit out when cooking.However there are some dishes I can not imagine without like rice dishes in the oven:)Greta find hope you enhjoy it too;)

  2. Very nice suggestion I will have to pair some okra with a rice casserole! Thanks for visiting!


  3. Curried okra is good.. South Asian know a number of ways to cook it without it becoming slimy..

  4. Sliced into rounds, soaked in buttermilk, rolled in a mix of cornmeal and indian spices and deep fried. Far from slimy! Even the kids ate some.

  5. Loving those suggestions! Thanks so much for the feedback!


  6. My favorite ways to eat okra are: 1) lightly coat with olive oil and sea salt then grill whole pods 2) cut into 1/2 inch circles, shake in bag with corn meal, salt, pepper to get a light coating then briefly saute until golden brown... enjoy!!!


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