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Tuffet: cheese/meat/bar

Have you ever been searching for something but not exactly sure what it is you are searching for? Today I came across Tuffet: cheese/meat/bar while making the rounds in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) New York and is it turns out it was exactly what I was looking for!

The concept is simple: choose any combination of meat or cheese including or excluding one or the other in lots of 2,4,6, and 8. From the menu cheeses are labeled with numbers and meats are labeled with letters. The combination chosen by E.A.T. are as follows:

10 - humble Pie (cow) from Vermont (I could take a bath in this stuff. Wow!)
6 - plymouth Cheddar (cow) MA.
12 - little boy blue (sheep) WI.

A - prosciutto di san daniele
B - la quercia cuppa piccante
D - columbus felino salami

Notice all of the additional pairings: a spoon of honey, dates, nuts, apples, and apricots to help compliment and change the properties on the palate. From the presentation to the descriptions everything was spot on and made for a nice mid afternoon snack.

I have introduced you to the cheese, I have introduced you to the meat, and now I introduce you to the bar. I chose a Lagunitas Czech Pilsner from Lagunitas brewing in California. A perfect pairing for this beautiful afternoon in Brooklyn, NY. Tuffet has a comfortable setting indoors at the bar or outdoors in the patio garden.

Do yourself a favor and stop in, say hello, and try Tuffet: cheese/meat/bar not necessarily in that order.

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well


  1. wow, what a place! Don't find shops like that in Christiansburg ;)

  2. If the weather was anything like we had in Richmond yesterday, it must have been a perfect outing. Have not seen or heard of la quercia cuppa piccante - more info?


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