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Malaysian Restaurant Week 2011 NYC

After learning I was going to be in New York City I (as usual) had to research and see what was going on in the Big Apple. How lucky was I to find out this week is the 2nd annual Malaysian Restaurant Week. Now I have eaten my share of Thai, but would not call myself an expert on Malaysian cuisine, so this was a fun culinary adventure today.

Union Square is always a convenient route as it is right off the "L" coming in from Brooklyn so LAUT, a Thai-Malaysian restaurant, was an easy choice. Outside of a Thai iced tea, Malaysian food was the cuisine of choice:

Pasembur (top left in the photo): A salad consisting of shrimp fritter, tofu, jicama, cucumber bean sprout, peanut, hard boiled egg and a special Malaysian shrimp paste dressing.

Mee Goreng (bottom left in the photo): A noodle dish consisting of egg noodle, bean sprout, tofu shrimp fritter, tomato, egg, fried shallot with a homemade chili sauce.

The Pasembur was a flavorful treat I had not experienced with a hint of sweetness to the dressing. The Mee Goreng was very flavorful and definitely had reminders of some Thai dishes I've had in the past.

What a wonderful excuse to try Malaysian cuisine and one I won't need in order to visit again. What have been your experiences with Malaysian cuisine and do you have a favorite dish?

Tomorrow wraps up my "eating through NYC" as we head back to Richmond early tomorrow with gardens to water, grass to cut, and food to prepare. Although I'm certainly not a restaurant critic or strive to be, I've enjoyed both Tuffet: cheese/meat/bar and LAUT as two new to me restaurants I will again visit!

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well

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