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Beets or Radishes? Beets me.....

In my second year of trying to maintain a backyard organic garden from seed I have learned a couple of things I felt noteworthy. A backyard garden can be:
  • Therapeutic.
  • A lot of work.
  • Your first visit in the morning.
  • Your last visit in the evening.
  • A cause for you to constantly check the weather.
  • A cause for your water bill to go up.
  • A way to truly appreciate those that make this their living.
  • A good way for you to identify the many variety of weeds in Virginia.
Even though gardening can be a lot of hard work it ultimately pays off when you plant your beets from seed, then water, then weed, then watch, then watch, then water again, watch some more, then weed one last time finally seeing the fruits of your labor. Beets the size of radishes.

These were the best damn beets I have put in my mouth this year mind you!

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well


  1. Those look wonderful!

    I'm very excited that we will own a home again soon so I can start my own garden. I homeschool my children and planting and maintaining a garden is such a fantastic lesson to teach them :)

  2. Monica well said! It amazes me kids can go through school and not identify vegetables let alone how they got to the plate.

    Keep on teaching that course in your curriculum!



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