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Garden View from the Kitchen Window

I love looking out the kitchen window at the garden. Everything is coming up very nicely compared to this picture taken on April 24th, 2011.

I hope your garden is doing as well!

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  1. Tim

    Your garden looks dreamy! I will be able to show you pics of my garden in the Lebanese mountains soon; right now fava beans are growing like crazy.

  2. So jealous! Looking forward to the updates!


  3. Fava beans sounds awesome. We need to look into growing beans in our garden too.

  4. Beautiful. Here's an interesting tidbit on why windows are put above the kitchen sink. Way back when electricity was not as widespread, the windows were a source of natural light to keep the kitchen interior visible, and make cooking easier. Of course, it's a sweet bonus that there's usually a nice sight outside the windows!


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