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DIY Composting Part III

As a follow up and continuation of chronological steps in the DIY composting going on at E.A.T., the picture above is from April 30th - that's 2 months in from the start. If you look back on the original post DIY Composting and the DIY Composting Part II you will see quite the change happening! Dark, rich, and moist compost is starting to show!

It's amazing how much waste you create in the kitchen and never too late - why not start a composting bin today? Your plants and garden will thank you!

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  1. Hey- Put one of these together when I saw it in Part one of this series. It is coming along nicely. Among other things I dump all my spent grains from brewing. Smells awful though....

  2. Liking it Clay! Mine actually does not smell bad and some have stated it smells natural!

    Great to hear!



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