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Sunday Supper: Stuffed Peppers

Organic red peppers, local sweet Italian sausage, free range organic eggs, and organic zuchinni were the main ingredients to this recipe that I originally made in Cancun a couple of months ago.

Of course, Epicurious is where this recipe lives in my very own recipe box. I mentioned making this in Cancun - struggling with finding some ingredients down there, I had to make an adaption with manchego cheese. You could still incorporate it adding grated cheese to the top 5 minutes before finish.

Red peppers make this dish pretty but it will be a while before you find those grown locally and in the markets. *E.A.T. Tip: Try this recipe when you start seeing the first of the green peppers in your local market - remember red peppers are just older green peppers.

Stay tuned here at E.A.T. - the frittata created with left over stuffing is over the top.

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well

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